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The Year of The Snake

The lunar year 4711 will mark the year of the Snake.
Occupying the 6th position in the Chinese Zodiac, the Snake symbolizes such character traits as intelligence, gracefulness and materialism. When it comes to decision-making, Snakes are extremely analytical and precise.

Contemplative and private, the Snake is not outwardly emotional. He can appear cunning and reticent and works very modestly in the business environment. The Snake will plot and scheme to make certain things turn out exactly as they want them to. They are not great communicators and can become quite possessive when they set their minds on achieving the interest of a partner.

Snakes have very few friends because thy are not outwardly emotional or open creatures. The friends they do make generally last a lifetime, even though peers may find it hard to relate to the Snake because he is withdrawn and secretive. Still, Snakes like social functions, in moderation, where they can gossip about the latest scandal or the newest news. If you stab a Snake in the back it is likely you will never be forgiven. In addition, you should prepare yourself for retaliation for the Snake always gets the last word.


The Parade

On February 10, 2013, the Chinese community of the greater Washington metropolitan area is going to celebrate the "Chinese Lunar New Year 4711" in Washington, DC Chinatown.

The Chinese consolidated Benevolent Association, an umbrella organization representing thirty Chinese-American organizations throughout the Greater Washington area will host the event. Over 40,000 are expected in attendance. The parade will also be televised to 40 million nationwide*.

Washington, DC, Chinatown

February 10, 2013

2:00 p.m.

6th & I st. NW

6th & H st. NW

*Actual viewership subject to change.