Washington Business Journal features Securitas on front page

Terry Gainer and Securitas are THE PROTECTORS for office buildings and tenants across the country. We're glad they have our backs! Call or email Debi Gasper if you would like an exclusive interview or consultation with Terry and the Securitas team!
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New Black and Indian Mission Office WebSite

Check out the new website we just launched for the Black and Indian Mission Office! Their mission is to help communities build the Catholic Church and preach the gospel of Jesus among the African American, Native American, and Alaska Native People of God.
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Beasley Real Estate Hires The Ad Agency to Create Cutting Edge Website

No other firm operates using the "client first, brand second" model and no other real estate website keeps visitors engaged, informed and impressed like beasleyre.com. The new website features an easy to use layout that differentiates itself through the use of large imagery, a clean navigation and simple point and click functionality. The latest market reports, a property search featuring current listings, area news and information on individual agents are all one click away, while the Beasley Neighborhood Blog connects you with the Facebook pages of DC’s hottest neighborhoods.
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Website Revamp Launched!

Perhaps the coolest site in the title insurance and escrow services industry, the Chicago Title DC Commercial Center website boasts a sleek design and uses the latest in web development technology. Video is embedded using HTML5 while the overall user experience is given a visual boost courtesy of CSS3 coding. Check out the cool hover effect on the team page that’s 100% flash and JavaScript free, it even works on the iPhone and iPad!
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AD Agency EXPRESS Launched

The Ad Agency Express is a quick online order tool for small businesses and individuals to order services online. With this tool you will be able to order a logo, stationary package, e-card or even an entire website simply by answering a few questions. As expected, turn-around time will be quick and seamless, usually within 7 business days.
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New Fletcher, Heald & Hildreth website

The new website is slick, attractive, easy to navigate, informative, and all the good things that a law firm website should be. But deep down inside, it’s just a website. It introduces Fletcher, Heald & Hildreth, and lets you know who they are and what they can do.
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Hotel Chains Join Forces to Raise Guest Count

Hotel chains in the Baltimore Washington area are taking a different approach to marketing themselves online. Aside from the individual efforts of the respective brands, management companies are now playing larger roles to help increase the number of bookings. Click to Read More

Get to know our UDC campaign!

UDC hired The Ad Agency to launch the largest strategic marketing campaign in its history. The cutting-edge media strategy included a public service announcement/TV commercial, print ads, transit, online/social media and public relations. The “Talk of the Town” campaign highlights facts and programs that many never realized existed at UDC and invite the audience to “Get To Know the New UDC.” Click to Read More

DC wic Transit Campaign

The DC Department of Health hired The Ad Agency to create the new transit ad campaign to educate young DC mothers about the new food packages wic is now offering. WIC provides nutrition education, breastfeeding promotion and support, and supplemental food to pregnant women, new mothers, infants and children up to the age of 5. Click to Read More

Hughes & Bentzen Brand Identity

Hughes & Bentzen is a law firm with a deep understanding of how the law impacts your life and your business. The Ad Agency partners with Hughes & Bentzen to develop a new brand and corporate identity to represent the strong inner workings of the company. Click to Read More

Ad Agency President Speaks at PIAA Conference

President of The Ad Agency, Debi Gasper, was recently selected as a speaker at the Physician Insurers Association of America (PIAA) Marketing Workshop held at the Hyatt Regency Washington on Capitol Hill in Washington, DC. As the featured speaker for the Marketing 101 Session, Gasper reconstructed The Ad Agency’s signature Strategic Creative Marketing Process and Execution Integration to instruct the PIAA members on how to market to their valued clientele and prospective customers. Click to Read More

Lepore Associates

Lepore Associates is a public affairs firm in Georgia. They wanted to convey that they are a veteran communications/media who understand politics and the governing process—not political operatives who work the media like many other public affairs firms. The Ad Agency had the task of developing a new brand/corporate identity system to convey they are the ones to craft the message and get the word out. Click to Read More

The Fred Thompson Show

The Ad Agency was hired to develop the brand identity for The Fred Thompson Show. We designed and produced the logo as well as the national ad campaign to launch the show. Click to Read More