New Capabilities

New Capabilities

The AD Agency is offering multiple services for its clients and our newer services include geo-targeting, geo-fencing, and geo-farming. These capabilities are the new kids on the block in the digital marketing world. Despite being around for the past 10 years, marketers have not had access to utilizing geo-fencing for hyperlocal marketing purposes until recently. While also utilizing Google Adwords, the push for further innovation is necessary. Advertisers try to seek out the perfect marketing solutions that will singularly grow their business and there are a few out there, but they can be difficult to find.

As digital marketers and local businesses work to find unique solutions that can give them that sustained marketing edge, programmatic platforms have discovered more targeted means to allow advertisers to get their message in front of audiences that are most likely to convert. That is where geo-targeting comes in, allowing us to separate targeted populations by demographics, locations, psychographics/interests, and more. We are also able to implement specific keywords in order to further focus the campaign. This allows for an easy way to reach your audience where they are located and can even be cost-effective since your money has more reach. 

Geofencing geofarming geotargeting

Geo-fencing is done based on a certain radius or can even be done statewide targeting particular webpages and/or applications. The ad can be delivered to all desired IP addresses and people using their mobile phones, tablets, and/or desktops through GPS tracking systems. 

Geo-farming is done on mobile devices. It is quite similar to geo-fencing in which users are targeted within a certain radius – within a specific geo-fence. In addition, once these users have entered the geo-fence, they can then be reached/targeted up to a month upon leaving the geo-fenced area.