Downtown DC Business Improvement District (BID)


Downtown DC Business Improvement District (BID)

About This Project
  • Strategic Marketing Plan
  • Media Event Planning
  • Logo/Branding Campaign
  • Public Relations
  • Print Ads, Brochures, Video, Direct Mail,and
    Trade Show Exhibit Design
  • Advertising Campaign


Through a self-imposed tax, downtown
DC property owners wanted to upgrade
and revitalize their area of the city.
They chose The Ad Agency to develop
a strategic marketing plan and brand
identity for the area.

We also needed to inform the public of
the group’s efforts and the changes that
would occur. We accomplished this by
staging a media event to kick off the
city’s new image.

We made headlines starting with our
innovative invitation—a CD containing
the 1960’s hit song “Downtown.” On the
day of the event, every local TV station,
radio station and newspaper was
present, including front page coverage in
USA Today and a feature story on CNN.