Montgomery County, MD


Montgomery County, MD

About This Project
  • Strategic Marketing Plan
  • Logo/Branding Campaign
  • Print, Radio, TV Advertising
  • Public Relations & Direct Mail
  • Media Buying


Radio Commercial:


Montgomery County realized they could save big if they could get people to recycle yard trimmings instead of bagging them for pickup at the curb. They asked The AD Agency to help them change people’s behavior, which is a tall order. The County measured and quantified results at every step, so we had to get results from day one.


We decided to win friends and converts among county residents by employing a light approach — an approach that was nonetheless backed by solid information and coupled with emotional appeal. The results have enriched the soil and the pocketbook of the county.


Our multi-award winning marketing plan included full page ads in county papers, a massive composting and grasscycling campaign, 30-second tv commercial, cable TV media buy and PSA, public relations and community outreach, multiple direct mail pieces and the adorable ‘Digger the Worm’ which accompanied ‘Wormlab’ — a natural science project that we implemented into the county school system to teach students about the value of composting.


Our Public Relations efforts gained national and local recognition for Montgomery County.